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New Websites for Small Businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth, & Austin

Should I Hire a Web Agency?

When to DIY & When to Hire Out

Many small business owners do not have the luxury of hiring a web agency. With builder platforms such as Squarespace & Wix, the best solution for your business might be creating your own site. Investing the up-front time to design and curate your online storefront can be daunting, but there are many incredible resources online that help guide you through the process.

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Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels

However, managing a website can be a large time commitment, depending on what you need. Running an E-commerce store, optimizing SEO or updating & formatting newsletters can become burdens amidst the weighty responsibility of managing a business.

If this rings true, it may be time to hire out some of the more odious tasks. You can still manage your website but pass on small parts to others to improve upon. This balance can add a lot of value to your web presence without a large initial investment.

Here are some services that most web firms will offer:

  • Websites from scratch – the most expensive option. This is what you need if you are starting from nothing, or you want a total redesign of your site.
  • Site refresh – making small changes to your website to give it that extra oomph it needs to draw consumers.
  • SEO Optimization – get higher rankings on Google & Bing! They will make small edits to your content, optimize the hidden parts of your websites, and more.
  • Content Management – have someone update and post to your website for you! You can also find freelance Copywriters online to write all your ads and blogs with a marketing focus.
  • Online Ad Management – a firm can help you to start advertising on Google, Facebook, and more. Target specific markets and optimize your Cost-per-click.
  • Website Maintenance – all websites require regular updates to protect against hackers and ransomware. Sometimes this can create issues with plug-ins and themes that can be confusing to fix. Most agencies will offer maintenance packages that ensure your website transitions smoothly through updates.

Many business owners are put off by the hefty price tags that some web agencies ask for quality websites. Yet, they have a healthy skepticism of the web firms that advertise $150 for a site. While there is not a “standard price” for websites, finding something in the middle can help ensure the best bang for your buck.

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