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Mobile Compatibility is the most important feature of any website.

Have you ever explored the internet on your phone only for a website to load in a jumbled mess? Older sites just can't hold up to today's phone-friendly standards, and this lack of responsiveness can drive customers away from your site.

At Technogizmo, we prioritize mobile compatibility so that your website can be enjoyed from any device with ease.

From the beginning of the design process, we make sure that your site is as beautiful and responsive on a phone as it is on a desktop.

Now, you're problably wondering "Is my site phone-friendly?"

Luckily, Google offers a free Mobile-Friendly Test that analyzes the URL you submit to grade your site on Mobile Compatibility.

You can also go to your site on different devices: phones, tablets, or desktops. Run through the pages and see if anything has trouble loading. If your site has issues, or gets a bad grade, let us help you boost your mobile compatibility.

So what makes a site phone-friendly?

This is a complicated question-- mobile compatilibilty has a lot of moving parts. It involves rigorus testing on different devices, a template that can move with different screen widths and simple, striking designs for faster load times. Creating the site with mobile users in mind is smart marketing-- the chances you're reading this on your phone will just get higher as the years go by. It's important to stay ahead of the curve, so you're not stuck with a broken website that you have to rebuild from scratch.

We offer Site Refurbishment, Repair, and New Websites from scratch!